When I Get Bald

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2013 Moockshake Music

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When I get bald, there I’ll be
Out in the world, flying free
Walking around with my head held high
When I get bald, I won’t be shy
Might use my hair to make a nest
For all the birds to take a rest
The birds’ll sing, they’ll squawk and squall
Yes I’ll be loved when I get bald

When I get bald gonna have a ball
Gonna wear big boots, wear overalls
Gonna draw a face on the back of my head
Gonna call that face Back Head Fred
And me and Fred gonna look so sweet
Gonna look both ways when we cross the street
Me and Fred gonna stand real tall
Gonna look real cool when I get bald

When I get bald gonna laugh with dad
Gonna reminisce ‘bout the hair we had
Course I’ll laugh more ‘cuz it’s understood
Mine will be back, his is gone for good
When I get bald I’ll prove I can
Show the world just who I am
Let em look, let em stare
At one brave kid who’s got no hair