I Am the Light

Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2013 Moockshake Music
Music by Anand Nayak ©2013 Dizzy Dog Music

C is for cancer, that’s growing in me.
A is for able, that’s what I will be —
Able to bend like a tree in the wind;
My branches are strong even though they are thin.
N is for nothing can make me afraid
For I am the kid who leads the parade.
I march down the street and I wave as I go
And people wave back and they smile. Even though
My hair may be gone they can see me for me
For I am the light and the light is in me.
Then C once again, this time is for comfort
The people who love me will give me when I hurt,
Which I will now and then and I know they will too
But we’ll huddle together and the storm will pass through.
And then E, we’ll emerge, and we’ll smile and dry
Ourselves in the sun that’s now bright in the sky.
And R, I will rest and get ready again
For the struggle that’s waiting around the next bend.

It’s a long journey this cancer, an unwanted trip
That I didn’t sign up for and I’d rather have skipped.
But I’m on it now, traveling, and making the best
Of each mile that passes, each step that I step.
And I’m showing the world that I’m strong as that tree
With the wind blowing through it — the wind bends for me.
For I am the kid who shines ever bright
The light is in me and I am the light.