Standing at Five Corners

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2004 Moockshake Music

Somebody waiting in a kitchen
Somebody waiting by a phone
Ever since you left there’s something missing
Ever since you left me on my own

Clothes are out there waiting for the sunshine
Wind is out there waiting for the fall
I’ve been out there waiting all my lifetime
The more I wait, the more you never call

When you gonna turn to face the morning?
When you gonna know what you can’t see?
How long ’til you hear your senses calling
Come back to yourself, come back to me

You’ve been looking for a new beginning
And I’ve been searching for a single friend
Can’t you hear that distant church bell ringing?
Everybody settles in the end

A tiny planet spinning in a system
Tiny people stand on every shore
I don’t stake a claim to any wisdom
But maybe waiting’s not what life is for


Baby, when you look behind the curtain
Maybe I’ll have already moved on
Nothing in this life is ever certain
You have your chance and then your chance is gone