My Famous Leaving Song

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2004 Moockshake Music

Everybody wants to know where I’ll be tonight
I won’t tell them anything at all
They’ll hear a clap of thunder and see a flash of light
I’m gone, they’re staring at the wall

That’s right, I’m going
That’s right, I’m gone
And another verse is added
To my famous leaving song

Order me a taxi, won’t you put me on a train
Take me to the nearest outbound bus
Any way I go, I’ll be gone this very day
Leaving’s how I keep from gathering dust


Love is such a fleeting thing, your eyes upon the door
How’s a person ever really know?
When you’re on that platform, you’ve never been so sure
You’re leaving when you hear that whistle blow

If you see my shadow, won’t you say hello for me
We haven’t seen each other in a while
He used to follow close wherever I might be
But company has always cramped my style


When I die the lord will come to take my body home
But he won’t find me anywhere in sight
My ashes scattered to the wind, I’ll leave no tooth or bone
And vanish like a whisper in the night