Home is Where the Heart Is

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2004 Moockshake Music

Listen, honey, do we have to go tonight
It’s been a real long week and my back feels kind of tight
Tell ’em that I’m sorry and I’d be there if I could
Those people drive me crazy even when I’m feeling good

Hon I said we’d be there, we can go for just for an hour
It’s the least that we could do after you threw up in their shower
We’ll just go say hello and have a little bit of wine
You’ll have a chance to show ’em you can keep it down this time

Home is where the heart is, I read it in a book
And if you see Loretta won’t you tell her that I’m took

Honey, do you have to leave your shoes right by the door
When I came home tonight I almost fell down on the floor
I’d put them in the closet if your clothes was on the rack
All right, just leave them by the door, I’ll come in through the back

Baby when you use a check you’ve got to right it down
We’re bouncing them like rubber balls, they’ll run us out of town
You’re the one withdrawing like we own the ATM
All right we’ll pay the mortgage with the credit card again


When you gonna wake up and go home?
This road is so much longer on your own
How’s about you put your hand in mine
Both of us are walking down the line

Who was it who said that you can never go back home?
They haven’t met my husband, he’s a mess when he’s alone
Home is where you hang your hat, that’s what they used to say
I had a hat that said that but my wife threw it away