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All Kinds of You and Me

All Kinds of You and Me
  1. It Takes All Kinds
  2. People (feat. Rani Arbo)
  3. You Might Be a Girl (feat. Samirah Evans)
  4. The Bright Side of Me
  5. Every Day’s a Holiday
  6. My Life is a Lot Like Yours (feat. Jennifer Kimball)
  7. I am Malala (feat. Debbie Lan)
  8. Kenya Imagine? (feat. Jennifer Kimball)
  9. Everything’s Upside-Down But Me
  10. All in a Day (feat. Anand Nayak)
  11. You and Me
  12. This Land is Your Land

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2015 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal
2015 National Parenting Publications Awards Gold Medal
2015 ASCAP Joe Raposo Children’s Music Award
2015 Fids & Kamily Industry Poll #2 Album of the Year

Parents’ Choice Foundation
“This is everything children’s music can and should be.”

National Parenting Publications Awards
“An excellent album. Moock has a gift for writing songs with humanity, humor and fine musicianship. Songs here bust stereotypes, promote acceptance and celebrate our differences.”

The Huffington Post
“The soundtrack for diverse kids in the 1970’s was Marlo Thomas & Friends’ ‘Free to Be… You and Me’. Forty years later there is a new, contemporary soundtrack emerging… Alastair Moock uses masterful songwriting skills to talk about ‘All Kinds of You and Me,’ the title of his new CD… It is another soundtrack that could last us 40 years.” [Read the full article here.]