You Might Be a Girl

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2015 Moockshake Music
and Anand Nayak ©2015 Dizzy Dog Music

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Are you messy? Are you clean?
Are you somewhere in between?
Are there grass stains on your pants or on your skirt?
Do you pour tea for your dolls? Do you prefer to throw a ball?
Are there spaceships on your very favorite shirt?
Are you really good at math? Do you hate to take a bath?
Is your favorite thing to dance around and twirl?
If some of this is true
It’s possible that you might be a girl

Do you like horses or fast trains
furry kittens, air-o-planes?
Do you want to be a doctor or a nurse?
Do you really love to sing?
Is your very favorite thing
A pinecone that you keep inside your purse?
Are you tougher than a nail?
Is there beach sand in your pail?
Do you like your hair cut short or kept in curls?
If your clothes are pink or blue
It’s possible that you might be a girl

Let’s say it loud
Let’s say it clear
There’s nothing wrong with liking what you like
Or what you have to say
Somebody mean
Might call you weird
But people only say those things because they are afraid of…

Young women who are brave
Who like soccer and ballet
Who like to have their say and to be heard
Of girls who think its cool
To like books and costume jewels
Who’ll be athletes, mothers and computer nerds
Who can play any instrument
Or be the president
Who’ll show us how to make a better world
No matter what you want to do
It’s possible for you when you’re a girl