Three Like Me

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2011 Moockshake Music

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I used daddy’s wallet to make a little boat
But it’s sinking in the toilet, so I guess it doesn’t float
I throw mommy’s earrings in to save the little men
Now suddenly there’s shouting in my house again

How come people always yell at me?
I’m just being who I’m s’posed to be
New ideas come so easily
When you’re full of life and three like me

The car keys are up there upon the shelf
And I can reach that high now by myself
These buttons on the keys look pretty neat
Say, what’s that loud sound coming from the street?


Mommy said it’s time to cut my hair
But I hate to sit there in that barber’s chair
I cut my own and saved her fifteen bucks
So how come mommy’s making such a fuss?


Two year olds are still just little guys
And four year olds have learned to compromise
But when you’re three, you’re wise as wise can be
So how come people always yell at me?