Born to Dance

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2011 Moockshake Music

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You ought to see my little girl when she spins and she twirls
Leapin’ and a-jumpin’ like she’s covered in squirrels
Shouting out, “Hey Daddy, look at me I’m a top
I can’t stop, I can’t stop, watch me Pop, watch me Pop”
Oh yes she rocks in her socks and she rolls
Lord knows once she starts she just goes and she goes
She’s got the beats in her feets and the ants in her pants
She’s the girl who was born to dance

I got a little boy who’s bonkers, and he loves to dance too
He does it with one foot bare and one in a shoe
He’s tilted to the ground like he’s gonna fall down
But he don’t, then he does, then he jumps up and bows
He shakes his head and he’s flapping his arms
Looking like a turkey running loose on the farm
He fell under the spell, he’s deep in the trance
He’s the boy who was born to dance

You ought to see that little girl when she bucks and she grooves
He shucks and he jives, man the kid loves to move
She spins around in circles like a tiny cyclone
When they spin around each other you can feel the wind blow
You got to be young to shake it that loose
You think we used to move like that in our youth?
There’s a chance, I don’t know, I don’t think we had that flow
They’re the kids who were born to dance

They got the beats in their feets and the ants in their pants
They’re the kids who were born to dance
They fell under the spell and they’re deep in the trance
They’re the kids who were born to dance