Something’s Changed

Music & Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2017 Moockshake Music & ©2017 Dinty Child Mermine Music

I know every line, every bend, every curve
Every circle completed, each stone overturned
The old sloping hill, the fall and the lift
The arc of the oak, the slant and the twist

But wasn’t the sky just a little more blue?
And what was that scent on the wind blowing through?
And didn’t we know more or thought that we knew?
Something’s changed


I’ve been through the seasons, the warmth and the rain
The pulse of the evening, the storm and the strain
The claws of desire, the cloak and the mask
You pause for a moment, your future’s the past


But weren’t the curtains a little more open?
And whose were the hands that were pulling the rope in?
And what was that thing that we all kept on hoping?
Something’s changed


Oh the colors may fade
But in every lighter shade
There’s something’s revealed
As the layers are peeled back
Disguise is disposed
The heart more exposed

I’ve studied the grid lines, the charts and the maps
Mercurial motions, the grooves in the tracks
The height of each mountain, the depth of each sea
No matter the measure, the gauge points to me

Cuz all of the years and the struggling stretches
Have sharpened the senses and softened the edges

And after all this time, the only truth left is
Something’s changed

And maybe the sky was a little more blue then
The road takes you places uncharted and new
When you look in the mirror you find the one thing that’s true
Something’s changed