Let’s Make a Family

Music & Lyrics by Mark Erelli ©2017 Hillbilly Pilgrim Music
Lyrics printed with permission

I hear a tick, I hear a tock
Must be your biological clock
You’re ready, Oh, you’re ready
You got the itch I wanna scratch
I can’t resist that’s a natural fact
I’m ready, I think I’m ready
We’ve had plenty of practice, so how hard can it be?
Baby, let’s make a family

Some say we’re in need of a reality check
But is there ever a good time so what the heck
If you’re ready, Oh you’re ready
Though the money we got ain’t going far
You can’t make a lot with an acoustic guitar
But I’m ready, I hope I’m ready
‘Cause even fools are born with all the tools they need
Oh baby, let’s make a family

I felt a kick I can’t wait
I know that’s easy for me to say
You’re ready, you’re ready
Eight months down, one to go
We’re gonna add another ring to this big top show
And I’m ready, I better be ready
So honey cross your fingers and hope it don’t look like me
Oh baby, let’s make a family

Baby, you know I’ve been thinkin’
We can start one out on the drums the other on the bass
We’d just need a couple more sets of twins
And before too long I’d have me a band for free
Oh baby, let’s make a fam
Oh baby, let’s make a fam
Let’s make a family