Red Ribbon Waltz

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2004 Moockshake Music

I see you way over there
A red ribbon tied in your hair
I’m longing for you
Are you longing too?
Longing for me over there?

The music is sweet and smooth
And there’s some sort of tilt in this room
That’s bringing me close
To what I want the most
Closer, my darling, to you

Maybe it’s how we first meet
Or only a moment to keep
But if I take a chance
And ask you to dance
Would you dance with me?

There’s something about this floor
That makes me want to dance more
Than I thought I would
I dance pretty good
I never liked dancing before

And there’s something about these lights
That makes me think my whole life
Was just leading to
Whether I would ask you
To dance with me tonight


My dear, if I walk over there
Would you allow me to share
One moment, one space
One cheek to my face
One dance to move as a pair?