Own Way to Heaven

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2007 Moockshake Music

Peter Piper picked a peck of useless good intentions
A pack of broken promises a pile of busted dreams
You can’t get down the road when you’re headed all directions
You better pick a path because you’re busting at the seams

Everybody’s got to find their own way to heaven
There ain’t nobody gonna show you the way
The sun’ll keep on rising and the sun’ll keep on setting
There ain’t no tomorrow better live for today

You’re talking in your sleep and you’re sleeping when you’re walking
You’re wishful when you’re waking and you’re waiting for a sign
Open up the door can’t you hear the future knocking
It’s saying better live because you’re running out of time


The universe was born without a father or a mother
There wasn’t a beginning and there’ll never be an end
But you and I were born to die we’re headed for the gutter
Better get your shit together ‘fore you wake up and you’re dead


I’ve written many songs about the many ways I love you
I can’t say nothing new because there’s nothing new to say
The feeling just gets deeper so I’m thinking you’re a keeper
And if there’s no tomorrow then I’m glad you’re here today