Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2017 Moockshake Music

Walk on down the street, follow your own feet
Listen to your heartbeat and forget the things you know
Breathe on in the air, the evening is your prayer
Just let yourself be there – walking down the road

This world is just a dream floating down a stream
The moment is the only thing you need
Stop fighting ‘gainst the current, the things that you’ve determined
They aren’t and they weren’t and they’re never gonna be

Think about the fact that you’re just a little speck
A fleck upon an acorn in an ocean’s raging storm
In the scheme of time and space you leave no lasting trace
The troubles that you face have no gravity or form


The simplicity of Darwin, the flowers in the garden
The molecules of carbon and the things you never see
Are just below the surface of this agitated circus
Stop searching for a purpose when the point is just to be