Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2013 Moockshake Music

B-R-A-V-E, I’m brave
I’m brave, I’m brave
I will not be afraid
I’ll let the nurses put me on a scale
And then I’m weighed

I’m weighed, I’m weighed
I’ll also give my height
And if you ask me nice
To take my blood pressure, I might

I might, I might
I might just be all right
If I can B-R-A-V-E
I think I’ll be all right

It’s fine, OK
I’ll let you take my temp
If you would ask to stick it in my ear
Then I’ll ascent

Or underneath my arm
Or even ‘neath my tongue
But let’s just leave it there
Before this whole thing comes undone

Undone, Undone
This song’s been almost sung
But now we’re getting to the point
Where things get way less fun

A needle’s meant for sewing
A needle’s meant for thread
But when you say
That needle’s meant for me, I lose my head

I’m gonna have to yell
I’m gonna have to scream
And the volume of this scream
I’m warning you will be obscene

What’s that? You’re done?
You got just what you need?
But I didn’t get to scream
I barely got to beg or plead

You know? Guess what?
I think that I’m ok
I’m walking out of here
With just a tiny round band-aid

I guess I’m brave
That is what it must be
We’re done, I’m fine, I did my time
I’m B-R-A-V-E