You and Me

Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2015 Moockshake Music
Music by Anand Nayak ©2015 Dizzy Dog Music

When I was a kid my parents gave to me
An album called Free to Be…
You and Me
A long title, no doubt
But it was worthy
The album was all about
Boys and girls and me and you
It said we could do what we wanted to
A girl could be a doctor or drive a fire truck
A girl could be bold
And if a boy needed to cry, he could
More than that, he should
Just let it flow
Said Rosie Grier with his guitar
A football star
You believed it when he told you so

I loved that album

It was funny and true
Full of stories and skits
Songs that spoke to me
Maybe your parents too

It reminded me of another song I knew
That said this land was made for you
And me
A song about our country
It was written by Woody Guthrie

Woody believed this country is ours
Its mountains and its prairie flowers
But with its beauty, he believed
Comes responsibility
To fix what we know is wrong
To stand up for what we know is right
To fight
Poverty and bigotry
And make this country better
Every day

You see, I believe that too
With all my soul
There’s so much you and I can do
To make this world a better place
To open up the gates
And let our love shine through

Woody, Pete Seeger, Dr. King
They showed us all a path
And every generation brings
New energy, new songs to sing
To walk the trail and guide em
Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk,
Cesar Chavez
This country was built
By leaders, dreamers,
Foolish believers
People who saw a better day ahead

We learn from them and pass it on
And maybe go a bit beyond
For, as we climb the ladder
The truth becomes more plain each day
What matters
Is not the color of your skin
Or the body you were born in
It’s not what you look like or your religion
Or whether you’re a man or woman
It’s not who you may love
That’s up to you
This land was made for you
And me
And each of us is free to be