These Are My Friends

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2011 Moockshake Music

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Hello, come meet Loretta, she was once a Barbie Doll
But she got tired of the lifestyle, moved to East Nepal
And here’s my little paper clip, I call him Lazy Jim
He’s just headed off to bed now, would you like to tuck him in?

I’ve got a puffy plush toy penguin with a purple pompadour
I call him Pesky Panda, don’t ask why, I’m not sure
And now look, here comes Lucy, who I doubt that you can see
That’s because she’s invisible to everyone but me

These are my friends, these are my friends
On whom I always can depend
They may look like odds and ends to you
But these are my friends

I’ve got a special paper airplane that runs on hopes and dreams
I filled it up with staples and a shot of shaving cream
A rubber ball named David who lives under my bed
I never throw or bounce him cuz it hurts his little head


If you look under my dresser, you’ll be in for a surprise
That’s right, it’s my collection of one hundred stale french fries
Each one has got his own name and they’re such great little guys
They sleep with me when I’m lonely — and so do all these flies


I guess you’re probably wondering, are these all the friends I’ve got
No, I’ve got plenty more — some are people, some are not
I don’t think that it matters if they’re real or they’re pretend
If they’re someone I can count on then they’re what I’d call a friend