It Takes All Kinds

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2015 Moockshake Music

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I know a boy who feels his best
In a big pink hat and a blue sundress
Pouring tea for his good friend, Jess
Laughing a lot, making a mess

I know a girl who climbs tall trees
Falls a lot and scrapes her knees
Runs as fast as the fastest breeze
Loves worms but she’s scared of bees

It’s me, It’s you, It’s us, It’s true
It’s life, it’s fine, it takes all kinds

I know a cat who loves to ski
Stares for hours at a blank tv
Cares for pears and a nice Chablis
Lifts her leg when she has to pee

I know a dog who oinks like a pig
Wears thick glasses and a curly wig
Won’t sit or beg or fetch a twig
Say “come,” he’ll stay, say “zag,” he’ll zig


I know a plant who wears tap shoes
Can’t find her feet but I swear she moves
The other plants all disapprove
They say dancing is plant taboo

But you’ve gotta be who you’ve gotta be
A dancing plant or a cat who skis
A boy in a dress, a girl in a tree
You be you, I’ll be me


We live, we love, we laugh, we cry
We sleep, we shout, we wonder why
We hurry, worry, sit and sigh
We never notice life go by

We come in every shape and size
We live all different kinds of lives
We’re seldom wise to criticize
Cuz every life’s a kind of prize