From Me to You

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2011 Moockshake Music

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I wrote you a letter ‘cuz you weren’t here today
And I missed you very much and I had some things to say
I borrowed mom’s computer and I wrote from her account
And, if you didn’t know before, well now you’ll have no doubt

‘Cuz I wrote:
TSdv dsad kad bhjdvd 21g127 iwqueg8219 e 219e e o2e h2oe 29
And I didn’t have no help, I wrote that by myself

I put a T before an S and the rest just kind of flowed
Those letters came like water, filling up row after row
I typed for ten straight minutes and I told you how I felt
And I think I said I love you, but I’m not sure how it’s spelt

‘Cuz I wrote:
Sdkjfdbaskj ff as fbkjafd w d w 989d9d! cje fc8*djskD
And I hope you know that’s true ‘cuz it’s how I feel about you

Well, I hope you like this message ‘cuz that’s what I had to say
I could’ve written more, but mom took her pc away
I put my whole self in it, and the effort was complete
And I mean that literally ‘cuz I wrote parts with my feet

Yes I wrote:
Dscjahb kjla jdlifcakjj 382 3293 jhv VKhh K,B kj HSDKVBKC
And that’s from me to you!