Every Day’s a Holiday

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2015 Moockshake Music
and Anand Nayak ©2015 Dizzy Dog Music

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In July I start to make my list for Christmas
And of course I make my plans for New Year’s Day
October’s when I dye my eggs for Easter
My whole year is a great big holiday

August means it’s time to find my dreidel
It takes practice if you’re gonna get that gelt
And I go outside to make myself a snowman
But the snowballs I’ve been saving always melt

Every day’s a holiday, at least it could be
Every day’s a holiday, I wish it would be
Every day’s a holiday, I think it should be
Every day’s a holiday for me

In December, May Day’s just around the corner
And Flag Day’s gonna be here awfully soon
Flag Day means it’s time to pick my costume
Cuz Halloween, for me, begins in June


A holiday for me – oowee!
A holiday for you – woohoo!
When the party’s over don’t be so blue
There’s always one around the bend
You can look forward to

Some grownups live like every day’s a burden
They look forward to when holidays are done
I think that they could learn something from children
Who know that holidays make life more fun