Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2011 Moockshake Music

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I thought that I’d tasted tomatoes
I’d picked one straight off the shelf
But I didn’t know what I was missing
‘Til I’d tasted one I’d grown myself

I thought that I’d eaten a green bean
How good could a green bean be?
But the greenest bean that you’ve ever seen
Was the one that was grown by me

I didn’t know what I was missing
I didn’t know what I could do
‘Til I got my very own garden
That I put some seeds into

Carrots that come in a carton
Berries that come in a box
Eat em after some stuff from your garden
And they taste like your old grey socks

Cabbage that comes in a can
Garlic that comes in a jar
If the label didn’t tell me their names
I wouldn’t be sure what they are


The juiciest grapes in the world
The crunchiest cukes in the land
They were right there under the soil
Just waiting for a helping hand

Some water I sprayed in the evening
Some sun that just shone in the day
Some dirt on my pants from kneeling
And now I can honestly say (that)