Dear Dr. King

Music and Lyrics by Alastair Moock ©2017 Moockshake Music

Dear Dr. King, we’re still working
To live your words down here on earth
That dream of yours a distant shore
We struggle forward, we pull the oar

‘Tween black and white, we’ve made some strides
‘Tween rich and poor, the gap’s more wide
The current’s strong, we’re struggling
To move along, Dear Dr. King

Dear Mrs. Parks, Dear Malcolm too
How far’ve we come? We ask of you
A president through what you’ve done
But voting rights now on the run

The drum still beats, the flag still waves
But where’s the peace? The living wage?
The city streets, the vacant lots
The empty hands, how far’ve we got?

Dear Dr. King, your dream still lives
In the wide eyes of all our kids
We ask of them to carry on
Past where we’ve been and far beyond

The march is slow, the arc is long
But it bends towards that ancient song
Words echoing, words still to sing
We’re free at last, Dear Dr. King