New Concert Series

Opening Doors
“Opening Doors” is a new music and interview series hosted by Moock and featuring top national and largely BIPOC talent playing music and discussing issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion –– within the music industry and beyond. The first three guests in the series, starting in March, are Vance Gilbert, Dan + Claudia Zanes, and Rissi Palmer. Learn more HERE.

New Education Program

Race and Song
“Race and Song” is an exploration of history and current events through the lens of race –– and using the powerful tool of music. Alastair and folk music legend, Reggie Harris, rely on their years’ old friendship to discuss complicated issues of race, class, gender and history with intentionality and generosity of spirit. Together in musical conversation, they open up to each other and frame their lived experiences through music and the use of historical and family photos. Learn more HERE.

New Family Album

Be a Pain
“Be a Pain” is a joyful, musical rallying cry for young (and old) leaders in these turbulent times. It looks to the heroes of our past and present to inspire our kids to move the ball forward. The album won a 2020 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal and Nora Guthrie (daughter of Woody Guthrie) said upon its release “How lucky we are to have Alastair Moock around these days! When too many adults are role modeling the pursuit of fame, fortune, or personal gain, Alastair’s songs encourage our kids to pursue goodness, kindness, awareness and courage. Adults might listen up!” Read more and order it HERE.



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