All Kinds of You and Me

All Kinds of You and Me
  1. It Takes All Kinds
  2. People
  3. You Might Be a Girl
  4. The Bright Side of Me
  5. Every Day’s a Holiday
  6. My Life is a Lot Like Yours
  7. I am Malala
  8. Kenya Imagine?
  9. Everything’s Upside-Down But Me
  10. All in a Day
  11. You and Me
  12. This Land is Your Land

Singing Our Way Through

Singing Our Way Through
  1. I Am the Light
  2. When I Get Bald
  3. I’m a Little Monkey
  4. Take a Little Walk with Me
  5. Hard Travelin’
  6. Have You Ever Been Jealous?
  7. B-R-A-V-E
  8. You’ve Got a Friend in Me
  9. Joy Comes Back
  10. Take Care of Your Grownups
  11. Walk On
  12. Home When I Hold You
  13. This Little Light of Mine

These Are My Friends

These Are My Friends
  1. These Are My Friends
  2. Feets Up
  3. Ladybugs’ Picnic
  4. Mail Myself to You
  5. Didn’t Know What I Was Missing
  6. CBAs
  7. Born to Dance
  8. Three Like Me
  9. RePete
  10. Yes Indeed
  11. A Scary Song
  12. From Me to You
  13. Green Green Rocky Road
  14. A Twinkle Baa

A Cow Says Moock

A Cow Says Moock
  1. A Cow Says Moo
  2. Belly Buttons
  3. Fishin’ Blues
  4. Twins are Twice as Fun
  5. Two Mommies
  6. Ship in the Sky
  7. Rock Island Line
  8. Chicken
  9. Spaghetti in My Shoe
  10. Two Little Babies (Dance Around)
  11. Yllabul


Alastair Moock (Self-Titled Album)

Alastair Moock (Self-Titled Album)
  1. Dream
  2. Hallelujah (I Ain’t Dead)
  3. Morning
  4. Off They Go
  5. Something’s Changed
  6. Let’s Make a Family
  7. Big Thoughts
  8. Graveyard
  9. Make it Great
  10. Dear Dr. King
  11. Almost There